Calvaro special grit

Calvaro special grit is the attractive and cost-effective alternative for plasters.

Calvaro special grit captivates with its luminous and elegant color scheme.

Calvaro special grit is very easy to clean.

Calvaro special grit can be installed easily and without any problems.

Calvaro special grit can be used in diverse ways, including, for example, on paths, garden areas, parking spaces and driveways. The design possibilities are almost endless.

Calvaro special grit, by comparison with other high-grade grits, has the advantage that it remains very well positioned, even when one drives on the proven areas with heavy devices.

Calvaro special grit is a very soft type of rock, on which both people and animals can walk very well.

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  • Exquisite
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective

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