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The trusting ride of all disciplines 

“The green sand” is a special soil mixture, which will comply with the highest standards, in both the professional and amateur area. In combination with the tread layer Lüzie – Rex, a riding surface of the first class results, being ideally suited for all disciplines.

On over 2000 courses, in all of Europe, satisfied riders and organizers have complete confidence in the “green sand” and the service of Peter Wernke.

“The green sand” is an all-natural product and it is provided, guaranteed, without aggregates.

With a laser-guided grader, the bearing, separation and treading layer will be inserted. Through a slight slope, the biggest part of the surface will be drained, so that one can dispense of the extensive drainage.

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Additional courses:

Outside course Version B 

Ebb & flood course

Lunge arena / paddock


  • All-natural product
  • Guaranteed without aggregates
  • For all disciplines
  • The original
  • 30 years of experience
  • More than 2000 courses


I am very satisfied with the outside course surface. Even in case of heavy rain or strong sunlight, we have been able to use the course for jousting, so that all the tournament participants were more than satisfied with the surface. In 2015, the first international dressage show for U25 in Switzerland took place on this arena.

Ted Jonker

 […] With the help of Wernke – the green sand – it was then possible, through the modification of the course, to really create a very robust and weather-resistant all-weather course. […] The riders are also very impressed with our soil conditions and that is why, year after year, we have increasing results. […]

Heiner Kleine-Wechelmann
Board member RuFV Bad Rothenfelde

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