Version B

The cost-effective alternative

The outside course surfaces, the version B – course, consisting out of a tread layer of “green sand” and special sawdust, represent a cost-effective alternative to the pure sand course, “the green sand”. It is especially suitable for leisure, hobby and dressage riders. Furthermore, the B – course “of the green sand” is easily maintained, it requires only a reduced water quantity and it is rideable nearly all year long.

The version B – course is also an all-natural product, which definitely comes without any aggregates. As the version A – course, the bearing, separation and treading layer will be inserted with the help of a laser-guided grader. Through the slope, in this version, most of the accruing surface water will be drained through the prepared separation layer. In this way, the extensive drainage can be dispensed of.

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Additional courses:

Outside course Version A 

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  • All-natural product
  • Guaranteed without aggregates
  • For all disciplines
  • The original
  • 30 years of experience
  • More than 2000 courses


I only wanted to express once more, how satisfied I am with the new outside course surface. After it was still perfectly rideable in the autumn, after the long-lasting heavy rain, it has also managed to resist the harsh winter conditions, which we currently have. We can use the course unrestricted, with or without snow layers. The maintenance effort is also considerably lower, in comparison to the old surface. The same goes for the hall. I am very pleased that I decided to make this investment last year. Also, many thanks for your extensive and perfect consultancy.

Karin Kattwinkel


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